A Step By Step Guide Making The GATE Registration Process Easier

GATE examination is conducted every year in India by one of the IITs or the IISc for admission to their masters programs. Some of the PSUs (Public Sector Undertaking Companies) also recruit the students based on their GATE score. This year IIT Madras is conducting the exam. The last date of registration for the exam is 21st September (without late fee, however candidates are allowed to register until 1st October with late fee). As the deadline for registration is approaching, there seems to be a last minute rush for registration (as a result of which sometimes IIT Madras website becomes unresponsive). Many students are even facing problems while registering for the examination due to many hassles involved in the registration process (like signature uploading, photograph uploading, etc.). Keeping in consideration all this, here I'm providing you a step by step guide for easily and quickly registering for the examination, so that you don't have to pay the late fee.

Step 1:  Open the GOAPS (GATE Online Application Processing System) portal on your PC or mobile phone or tablet (the GOAPS website is responsive, ie. it adjusts itself according to the screen size of your device, however still prefer using a PC) and click on "New User? Register Here" at the bottom of the page. Provide your Name. Now enter your email address, mobile number and a password of your choice.
Name Entering Screen
Step 2: Now a very big form will open in front of you (you may even feel tedious while filling such a huge form. In this form they ask everything about you, from the GATE paper of your choice (that is obvious) to the details about your parent/guardian, address for correspondence, address of  the institute (university as well as college) from where you have completed/going to complete your qualifying degree, etc (which doesn't make much sense in my opinion, but anyway...).You can take the GATE exam only if you you have completed the qualifying degree or you are in the final year of your bachelors degree/pre-final year of your Masters degree. For more details about the eligibility criteria you can follow this link. It is also a good idea to go through the FAQ page about GATE 2019.
Detailed Form
Step 3: Now comes the toughest step, where many students are facing problems. you need to upload some documents. You need to upload:
  1. Your photograph taken after August 1, 2018
  2. Scanned copy of your signature
  3. Scanned copy of your qualifying degree (if you have completed it) or a document signed by you and HOD of your department (in case you are in final year or pre final year as per the eligibility conditions.) 
But this is not the real problem for most students. IIT Madras has specified certain rules for uploading the signature and photograph. You can check the photo requirements by clicking here and signature requirements by clicking here. Despite the fact that IIT Madras has provided ampel details about the requirements for uploading the photograph and signature, many candidates are facing problem while doing thee same.So let's address the elephant in the room.

Uploading Your Photograph: As I mentioned earlier, IIT Madras has provided a detailed description of  what kind of photo is acceptable and what kind of photo is not acceptable. You can check that discretion by clicking on this link. But still, as the deadline for registration is approaching, students want to fill their forms quickly. But it is taking a lot of time to edit the photo as per the requirements. But there is a quick trick that you can follow. If you see the photo uploading guidelines, you'll see that first you have to open the photo in Paint, and then resize it such that the horizontal pixel range is between 240 and 480 and vertical pixel range is between 320 and 640.
But it might very tedious for you to maintain this aspect ratio manually. The trick is, just copy the pixel ratio already mentioned in the sample edit box (ie. horizontal 480 and vertical 640). This'll make your photo in the required aspect ratio. But some candidates still might face some problem (especially if the photo size is large). For this, just upload the photo, then you'll see that there is a built in photo editor which will allow you to crop and rotate the uploaded photo. This will make things very easy for you. But, you might think that if there is a built in photo editor, then why use paint? Well, then you are mistaken. The built in photo editor is very basic and can not be used to change the pixel ratio of very large photos. Therefore you first need to make your photo small and then you can use that editor. Now, the type of photo that you need o take (in terms of face visibility, clarity and background) is already clearly mentioned on the photo requirements PDF.

Uploading Your Signature: Uploading your signature is actually easier than uploading your photo. First just sign on a blank sheet of paper. Then you can get it scanned using a full fledged scanner or just take a small photo of your signature and then use a scanning app (like Camscanner) to convert it into a scanned look alike version of your signature (I prefer this method). I'll suggest you to take a small photograph of your signature (or if you get it scanned, then just crop it using any application). Now as per the description provided in IIT Madras website, you first need to open Paint, then you need to edit the signature image by changing its aspect ratio. But if your photo size is small (that's why I suggested to take a small photo), you can simply upload it and then edit it using the builtin editor that you'll find after uploading the photo.