YouTube Reveals Video Trends For 2014

By: Rajat Gaur
Youtube Rewind LogoYouTube today uploaded Top Trending Videos and Top Trending Music Videos playlists on its YouTube Rewind Channel that went live last year. Apart from these playlists, a Turn Down 2014 video was also uploaded to celebrate the videos that set the trend in 2014. Country specific Top Trending playlists were also uploaded on the YouTube Rewind channels for different countries. These top trending videos were selected by YouTube not just based on the number of views or likes that a video got, but also considering the number searches and responses (including video responses) for a particular video.

What everyone watched in 2014

YouTube's Global Top Trending Videos List  was topped by Mutant Giant Spider Dog  by SA Wardega.

It also included some other viral videos like the iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test  (by Unbox Therapy) and First Kiss (by Tatia Pllieva). I was expecting the iPhone 6 Plus bend test video on the list as it was certainly one of videos that went viral in 2014. After Unbox Therapy , many other tech reviewers also did bend test videos (some even did it live via Google+ Hangouts) and made #BendGate trend everywhere on the social media. And now bend test has become sort of a hardware benchmark test for smartphones, thanks to Unbox Therapy.

Another video on the list that I found very interesting and actually made me feel nostalgic about my childhood days was “Goku vs Superman. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3”  by ERB. For those who don’t know Goku is a superhero character from Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z .

Music That Trended In 2014

Music has always been one of the hottest categories on YouTube. Recently, YouTube also added a dedicated music tab on its homepage. Following this trend, YouTube came up with a separate playlist of music videos that created a buzz in 2014. Katy Perry’s Dark horse topped the list. At number two was my favourite, Bailando by Enrique Iglesias.

Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off  (that literally shook the world) also found a place at number eight. Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and Katy Perry were the only artists to have more than one of their songs in the playlist (each one of the them had two of their numbers on the list).

I was able to spot one discrepancy in the Top Trending Music Videos playlist. The playlist, in total has 25 music videos though the description that YouTube has put up says that it consists of Top 10 trending music videos of 2014.