Amazon To Sell OnePlus One In India

By: Rajat Gaur
OnePlus One Amazon IndiaThe wait is finally over now. The one smartphone you’ve been waiting for is finally coming to India. Amazon India has teased OnePlus One in a YouTube banner ad.  Though they are keeping the name of the device a secret, the picture makes it very clear that it is the OnePlus One. Amazon India is also running a contest on Twitter and Facebook. You can win Amazon gift cards worth Rs. 5000 and some other goodies by retweeting their tweets on Twitter and sharing their posts on Facebook.

Will they sell on invite basis ?

OnePlus One is being sold by an invite only system in most of the markets due to a limited supply and a very high demand for the device. It may be disappointing for the Indian OnePlus fans, but the company has decided to stick to its controversial invite system even in India. You need to get an India Specific Invite in order to buy an Indian OnePlus One unit from Amazon India.  

What About The Pricing ?

OnePlus has launched only the 64 GB variant of the device in India and as expected, it has been priced very aggressively. The 64 Gb model will cost you INR 21999 (around $345). The 16 GB model hasn’t yet launched, but once launched it is also expected to be priced very aggressively. The expected price for the 16 GB variant is around INR 18000 ($280).

The OnePlus-Cyanogen Issue

On November 28, OnePlus posted a letter addressing the Indian OnePlus fans, informing them that the company would not be able to provide CyanogenMod OTA updates for devices sold in India. This is owing to the exclusive rights that Micromax has acquired for CyanogenMod support and updates under an “ambient services and application distributions agreement”. Micromax will be launching its first CyanogenMod powered device under their new brand, YU.

OnePlus in its blog post said that it is still committed to best serve its users in India. Therefore it is working on its own custom Android ROM based on the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop. OnePlus also promised that the new ROM will be bloatware free and will use Android’s Material Design.

Meanwhile Cyanogen also clarified that it will continue to provide software updates to a OnePlus One users in India who have purchased the device through a channel outside of India. OnePlus One devices sold directly in India, however won’t receive any updates.