Xiaomi Mi3 (India) Gets Android 4.4.4 Update, Includes Minor Bug Fixes

By: Rajat Gaur
Mi3 India MIUI Update
Xiaomi recently released a MIUI update, KXDMIBH34.0 (V5) for the Indian version of Mi3. The good news is that the update also upgrades the Android version from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4. You can install the update either OTA (Over The Air) or using your computer. For OTA installation make sure that your device is connected to a stable wifi network and has a good amount of charge.
You should see an update notification automatically if your device is regularly connected to the internet, if in case you don’t, just open the Updater app (you might find it in the Utilities folder) and check for update. You should see this update there. Now just tap on the install button. It’ll install automatically. After the installation is complete, you will be prompted to reboot the device. You can either restart your Mi3 right away, or you can restart it later manually. There is also another way of installing the update using your computer. For that you have to download the update package on your computer from the official MIUI website first. You can read the instructions for installing the update via computer on the official MIUI forum.
I installed the update over the air (without using a computer) over wifi internet. The installation process was very smooth and there were no issues after installation. I didn’t notice any major overhaul neither in terms of UI nor in terms of any functionality. Xiaomi has probably reserved a major UI overhaul for the MIUI 6 update which is expected later this month. Yes I did notice a few changes here and there. There were a couple of bug fixes and the battery performance of the device also seems to have improved a bit (though very slightly). I’m listing below all the changes that I’ve noticed so far after updating to the MIUI version KXDMIBH34.0 (V5). I’ll keep this post updated as I come across more changes.

1.) The alarm clock bug seems to have been fixed in this update. In case you are not aware, earlier there was a bug in the default alarm clock app in Mi3. Whenever an alarm was set by using Google Now voice command, the alarm snooze button didn’t work and the app used to crash on hitting the snooze button. This happened only when the alarm was set using Google Now voice commands. This issue seems to have been resolved in this update.

2.) Default music player lockscreen performance has improved. Earlier, while playing music using the default music app, lockscreen playback controls sometimes used to become unresponsive. This behaviour has been improved to a good extent in this version of MIUI. Though sometimes it still happens, but very rarely. One thing to note here is that the music playback bug is still there and if you do a lot of multitasking while playing music after having used the device heavily, music playback will still stop sometimes. (I’ve also talked about this bug in my in depth review of Mi3 in the “Bugs & Issues” section of that post.)

3.) There is a new Scanner app for scanning barcodes and QR codes. Earlier, this functionality was provided as a part of the default camera app.

4.) ReadMe app is no longer there. By default, there was a ReadMe app which was probably intended to be something like a user guide for the device, but in the Indian version of the device, it never worked. So Xiaomi has done away with that app in this version.

5.) The Kaui Pan app is also not there in this release. Though, when you open the file explorer, you are prompted to download the Kaui Pan app from the Google Play store, but its not there by default. Kaui Pan is a cloud drive service which Indians might not find very useful as its interface is all in Chinese. So its good that its not preinstalled in this version.

6.) The boot screen has also changed slightly. At the bottom of the boot screen, instead of just “Android” we have a “Powered By Android” logo. This is obviously in line with many other OEMs which use the “Powered By Android” branding on the boot screen.

7.) The battery backup of the device has also improved a bit. The improvement is very minute and you might not even really notice it.

These are all the minor changes that I noticed in the latest MIUI release for Mi3. As I’ve mentioned earlier as well, I’ll keep this post updated as I come across more changes. Overall, I’m quite happy with this update as it fixes some of the issues and also updates the Android version.

Update: I have noticed a minor bug after updating Mi3 to the latest version of MIUI (KXDMIBH34.0). The default calendar app is crashing quite frequently if the device is not rebooted once every couple of days. A popup shows on the screen again and again telling you that the calendar app has crashed. This particularly happens while playing music on the device.
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