AirDroid Will Now Show All Android Notifications On Your Computer...

By: Rajat Gaur
Update: Airdroid 3.0 update arrives, includes new features and desktop app.

Popular Android app AirDroid, which allows users to command their Android phones and tablets from their computer has been updated with a feature to show all Android Notifications as desktop notifications. AirDroid dubs this feature as "Notification Mirror Service". This is an opt-in feature which when turned on, shows all your Android notifications from Emails to tasks as desktop notifications on your computer whenever you have AirDroid open in a browser window. This service might come handy if you are working on your desk and your phone is in your pocket or you've placed it somewhere else. You can even view messages from instant messengers like Whatsapp on your computer using this feature.
To activate this service, simply go to the settings option in the AirDroid app, there you will find a Notification Mirror menu which has three options (see screenshot below).

AirDroid Notification Mirror Service
Notification Mirror Menu in AirDroid.

The first one is "Notification Mirror Service". Click this to activate or deactivate the Notification Mirror Service. The second is "Create a Test Notification". Use this to check if the Notification Mirror service is working the way it should on your Android device. If the service is working perfectly, you will get a notification on your Android as well as on your desktop (if you have AirDroid open in one of your browser windows.) saying "Awesome. AirDroid notification mirror service is working". The third option is "Allowed Apps" and this one is my favorite. Here you can choose the apps whose notifications you want to receive on your desktop. For example, you might not want to get email notifications on your desktop if you already have an email client running on your computer, or you might not want notifications from gaming applications.

In order to get real-time desktop notifications on your computer, you need to enable desktop notifications in AirDroid web app ( that you open in your computer browser. For that, click on the Settings option at the top and then navigate to the General Tab (see screenshot below).

Enabling Desktop Notification In Airdroid
Enabling Desktop Notifications In AirDroid Web App (Screenshot) 

Here you can enable desktop notifications (and even choose the language in which you wish to be notified). If you don't enable desktop notifications, you will still get notifications, but only on AirDroid web app.You won't get desktop notifications then.