Goodbye iGoogle, The Ideal Homepage…

By: Rajat Gaur
iGoogle Screenshot

Last spring, Google in a blogpost, announced that it would be undertaking a spring clean-up drive, as a part of which many of Google products like Google Desktop, Ardvark, Google Pack and Sidewiki were shutdown, and a number of others like Picasa Web Albums and Google Friend Connect were integrated with other products. Today, in a yet another blogpost Google announced, this year it will be doing the fall spring cleaning in the summer and would be doing away with another five of its products, which it believes have become obsolete. These five products are Google Mini, Talk Chatback, Google Video, iGoogle and their Symbian search app.

While I’m okay with the shutting down of Google Mini, Talk Chatback, Google Video and their Symbian search app; iGoogle is a product that I’m really found of. Google will be discontinuing the mobile version of iGoogle from July 31, 2012, while the desktop version will last till November 1, 2013.

For me, iGoogle is the ideal homepage that a browser can have. It gives all the information that you care about on a single page. Recently Google made a few changes to iGoogle’s layout and introduced full page themes. So nobody could expect they were planning to retire the service ! Further iGoogle is also quite popular among Google users. Its not much like the Friend Connect and Sidewiki, which the users had abandoned long before they were abandoned by Google.

Who Might Gain From iGoogle’s Discontinuation ?

Google says iGoogle has become obsolete, but there still are many productivity freaks like me who don’t want to bother to open a new tab for every single thing they want to know about, rather they just want to get a glimpse of everything, they deem as important, everytime they open a new browser window; and iGoogle does that flawlessly. Tell me, what doesn’t iGoogle have ? From Top Stories and Weather Forecasts to Twitter Feeds, iGoogle informs you about everything. Now that Google has announced to retard iGoolge, its very obvious that those who have got addicted to the iGoogle experience will look for an alternative. One obvious alternative that comes to my mind is My Yahoo! . Although it doesn’t have as many personalisation options as iGoogle , but after the retardation of iGoogle it will perhaps be the best option available. Netvibes is however another alternative, but it doesn’t seem to be quite impressive and is a bit too complicated. So one may expect that the loyal fans of the concept of an iGoogle like homepage might migrate to My Yahoo!. If that happens, other Yahoo! services like Yahoo! Mail and Messenger are also likely get some impetus. But still Google doesn’t have much to be worried about as since 2000 Google has moved far ahead from Yahoo!, and that’s perhaps the reason why Google has so blatantly decided to do away with the iGoogle.